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Utapau Battle-Pack: Techno Union Droid Army


Lego will be releasing an official Utapau 'battle-pack' in 2014 . . . with something i'm guessing is supposed to be an Octuptarra. the clone minifigs look very nice but its a shame they haven't tried a bit harder with the Droid AND there's still NO Crab Droid or Wat Tambor minifig!!! a missed opportunity i'd say. (& what has to happen at Lego for them to release a Crab Droid?)

anyway, as there is now an official Utapau set i'm not holding out any hopes for this one and will probably alter/delete it some time soon. thanks to everyone who supported and commented.

***original description below***

. . . 'take sides' during the battle of Utapau with this Techno-Union Droid Army Battle-Pack featuring over 200 pieces to build

- 1 x LM432 Crab Droid*
- 1 x Octuptarra Combat Droid*
- 1 x Wat Tambor*: Techno Union Foreman brick-built minifig
- 2 x Clone Trooper minifigs

* all NEW designs

. . . sound good?

well if you want this set made i need your support. register with CUUSOO, tell everyone you know to do the same and get going . . .

. . . the wonderful Wat Tambor - this Techno-Union Foreman minifigure,is made using existing LEGO parts, while the spindly Octuptarra Combat Droid, now even closer to minifig-scale, features more accurate multi-jointed legs and a rotating head. the Octuptarra would come in Metallic Silver/Pearl Grey bricks.

. . . the scuttling LR-432 Crab Droid. now much closer to minifig-scale with twin blasters adjustable legs, hinged carapace and internal 'engine/drive section' (which can be exposed to look like its been destroyed in battle!) is made from more than 80 pieces.

. . . together they can fight it out on Utapau! will the Clone Troopers overcome the Separatist Droids and capture Wat Tambor?

. . . & imagine getting multiple packs! you could have 'swarms' of Crab Droids.

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