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Lego Discovery Center


Welcome to the Lego Discovery Center! 

At the Lego Discovery Center, everyone can come and have fun and learn with Lego in a colourful, interactive and fun environment. There is a train center with tunnels and mountain landscapes. There is also a minifigure center where creativity shines through all builders. Visiters can also try the block tower challenge and see how tall they can build with Lego blocks. If those are not interesting enough, go check out the rocket station, or even the race track. If visiters just want to build, then feel free to build whatever you can with the large variety of bricks offered. Lastly, feel free to use any of the large scale blocks around the room to build even more! If any visters have questions, the information desk at the back of the room with a friendly emplyee and information television will surely help with any questions! 

As a huge fan of Lego, I did not always have the oppurtunity to visit Lego Land. Therefore, I often found myself at Lego Discovery Centers where I was able to build and learn with Lego with others. That became my inspiration for this idea. I wanted to create a set that kids and adult fans of Lego could relate to because all Lego fans can relate to using and learning from Lego outside their home. Furthermore, I feel that this set would look great in any Lego collection and could add some amazing pieces to somones inventory. Thank you for checking out my first every Lego ideas project! Sincerely,


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