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Desert Rally Time Trial


What has massive wheels, afterburners in the spare tires, a huge air scoop, a tiny cockpit, awesome suspension and on the whole looks like it was thrown together in someone's back yard? It's the epic desert rally car, play out speeding across the burning sands to reach the finish line in the shortest time! Film it all happen as the on-site camera man! Time the run from start to finish from the high judges tower and hand the big cup to the winning driver!

If this gets through to the high people at Lego, I would like the minifigures get better printing as some of the parts have the wrong printing ie, the drivers face comes from the cat burglar from the minifigure line, also I would like it if the car's cockpit was bigger and if there was another car in the same style.

Thank you so much for looking at this and please support!