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London in the Twenties


Welcome to another era. Welcome to another time. Welcome to London in the Twenties!
The goal of the design was to build a detailed model with a lot of interesting building techniques but also to keep a wide range of playability and to make every room easily accessible. Because of that it would make a great set for experienced Lego builders of all age.
The model consists of two major buildings:

“The Goldenbrick” a grand hotel

Ground floor: A big entrance hall with a reception, a nice sofa and two musicians playing the piano and a saxophone.

2. Floor: Two hotel rooms.
3. Floor: A presidential suite and the office of the hotel manager.

The townhouse

Ground floor: A bakery with a lot of delicious sweets, a pet shop and a food store.

2. Floor: A recommendable restaurant.
3. Floor: An apartment.

Do you want to see this model as an official Lego set in the stores?

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