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Maze of Minatos


The air sighing from the tunnels entrance is dank and carries the smell of the beast within. Zoe again checks the straps on her shield as she steels herself to enter knowing that without water from the Fountain of Iaso her beloved Hercules will die. Gathering her spear she steps across the threshold and into the Minotaur's realm.

The Maze of Minatos is a modular set designed to enable an interactive and ever changing story within the Maze. The modular design allows the creator to constantly change the layout without having to accomplish a complete rebuild of the model but also allows the creator to customize the properties of each section or design and add their own.

Includes the following:

  1. Zoe, the Greek hoplite heroine
  2. the Minotaur
  3. Nine base sections;
  • Entrance
  • Bronze axe trap hall
  • 4 way intersection with skeleton and torches
  • 1 corner hall with sliding floor and acid pit trap
  • 1 corner hall with sliding floor and pit trap
  • 1 corner hall section
  • 1 dead-end hall with collapsing wall
  • 1 dead end hall with scorpion and treasure bag
  • Fountain of Iaso in 4 way intersection

Whether it is just the creator and a story or a group of creators enjoying a collaborative story or enjoying the set as the backdrop for a table top game the Maze of Minatos is designed to inspire creators to manipulate, change, and create new sections.

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