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Space Pirates Captain Harlock Arcadia III


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Here we have my version of Captain Harlock's famous Arcadia III at 2360 pieces, VERY compact as I estimate about 3 feet in length. No mini figures so mid micro scale perhaps, roughly 1/1300 scale.

The first two eamples of the Arcadia is already on the Lego Ideas board, one of which was designed by myself. I have also did a mini figure version of the 190 Space Wolf  fighter, or the fighters on board the Arcadia.  

This design is a relatively low piece count in my opinion, for a ship that full size is over 400 meters in length. Note the spin design which curves like a human back, or imagine a person laying on their stomach on top of this ship with their head turned up 90 degrees looking forward, which would be the skull ofcourse.

Also note the 6 triple barrel turrets built on that most complex gearing system, as the guns can hinge or pivot in any direction. 

This is the most recent and third Arcadia design for this series.

I have now designed three total ships from this series as well, see last three pictures for all 3 ship and size comparisons.

This ship should need little introduction for fans of anime or Lego Idea members any longer, as space pirate Captain Harlock and the Arcadia have become a cult classic over the years. It is the brain child of Leiji Matsumoto, who has a well established reputation in anime. 

In a distant future the captain and his crew look to escape a dying over populated earth, and the restraints of the government of their time. Their one main goal- FREEDOM.

The series has several different ship designs, this being the most recent version. 


Tochiro Oyama designed this on his death bed for his friend Captain Harlock.

Total Length


Overall Width




Propulsion Engine

Dimensional Vibration Fluid Gravity Engine x2
Particle Energy Engine

Number of Occupants



Captain Harlock


Space Fighter SW-190 Space Wolf, Medium Sized High-Speed Transport Carrier Cosmo Wing, Boreto No. 1-6, Space Trailer, Small Boat, and an Underwater submarine


All six triple barrel turrets on this design rotate up or down 90 degrees, and left or right 360 degrees, which means these guns can point literally in any dierection.

1. Six triple barrel pulsar cannons on top, on each side, and two more on the bottom.

2.Rapid fire guns and freezing gas harpoons are mounted close to the bridge designed to stave off enemy fighters.

3. This design has a heavy Battle Ram feature for up close combat. Captain Harlock likes to get side by side side with enemy vessels and spin the ship's wheel until that skull tears into the port side of enemy vessels ripping their side open. There after his crew boards the damaged ship.

4. Missile launchers.

5.Anti aircraft beam turret.

6.Anti ship depth charges.

7.Combat anchor tubes for ship transfer in close quarter combat, or what the Arcadia crew members use to board the enemy vessel.

Thanks as always for the view and or vote. In the end this may never be main stream enough to make it 10k, who knows that is up to you guys. Never the less I stand by this design as being a true engineering marvel thanks to the genius of  Leiji Matsumoto, and its one of the most complicated designs ever concieved of in my opinion. Thanks again and take care!