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MIB Transforming Car


The Men In Black playset

Help catch the really fast alien with Agent K and J, its so fast it farts make it faster! You will need the help of the standard issue Men In Black car! (just like the one from the movie) Push the red button and transform the car from a standard automobile to one that turns it into a rocket car!

Proposed Set Includes:

  • Car
  • Mini alien
  • 2 minifigures of Agent K and Agent J (not seen in photo)

Design Features:

  • Integrated transformation (no adding or subtracting parts)
  • Sliding front headlights using clips (seen in photo)
  • Windows integrated on the boosters
  • Engine detail
  • lego 4939 chassy
  • Minifig scale - contains a steering wheel, a chair, and the little red button to transform the car
  • 8 stud wide car to fit other cars in your growing lego collection of movie cars!

Here is a video of the transformation:

To be updated (when parts arrive):

  • There is a hinge piece at the side of the car that is gray, it should be black (no parts yet)
  • There are supposed to be 2 minifigs (no prints for the body yet)
  • Top front tiles need to be changed into a 4x2 flat tile

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