Modular Restaurant

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This modular building would be a great addition to the other buildings as the citizens of the city lack a dedicated restaurant. There are two floors in this set with the bottom floor being the main dining area with a kitchen, gumball machine, booths, podium containing menus for the hostess, check out computers and a storage room under the stairs. The top floor contains more booths, tables, a fish tank, restrooms and a balcony for dining outside.

This is the first floor of the restaurant with a podium containing menus for the hostess, elevated booths with wood floor, a kitchen containing a sink, cabinets, drawers, ovens, fridge and grill in the middle of the kitchen with attachments to hold vegetables, herbs, spices or things of the sort. The stairs lead to the other dining area upstairs and the set is completely mini fig friendly.

This picture displays the gumball machine for the kids and the computers for check out. I ran out of 2 by 2 blue tiles so I had to improvise but the idea is still clear. On the right of the computers is storage room hidden under the stairs.

The second floor of the restaurant contains restrooms for men and women complete with toilet paper, sinks with mirrors, opening doors and for the male mini figures, a urinal. The object in the middle is a fish tank with a complete 360 degree view of what is inside. There are tables behind with nice lights attached to the wall which are displayed better in the next picture. There are also more booths and there is a door leading to the outside seating for two.

In this image the fish tank is shown at a better angle and the lights are too. Mini figs can also fit well in the booths and bathroom and everywhere else in the building as well.