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Rogue One: Scarif Transmission Tower


                          WARNING! This project contains spoilers for the film Rogue One


This project is a recreation of the scene in the Star Wars universe film Rogue One in which the Rebels go to the Imperial planet of Scarif to retrieve the structural plans to the Empire's dangerous and powerful space station called the Death Star. Jyn Erso and Rebel Captain Cassian Andor are at the main data banks of Scarif to find, get and transmit to the Rebel Flagship the plans to the Death Star. However, they must avoid the Imperial Director Krennic from stopping them from doing so. Below the data tower there is a battle going on between the Rebels and the Stormtroopers on the beaches. The project includes the data tower of Scarif with an interior where you can find the plans and also with a satellite on the top and a bridge that has an exploding function. It also has a beach with some shallow water, the master switch that can be pulled, a palm tree, two long blasters, one normal blaster, a short blaster, two stud-shooting blasters and the plans to the Death Star. The Minifgures include Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Director Krennic, two Rebel soldiers, two Stormtroopers and a Death Trooper.

This project has some key features that are accurate to the film. The bridge can blow up once Jyn has positioned the satellite correctly, the plans can slide out of the data banks and can be slid into the satellite tower and the master switch can be pulled to allow the Rebels to progress. This could also be added to the 75171 Battle on Scarif set to complete the scene. The cost of this should be around $25-$30 if it became a set. Please support and follow this project, and I will thank you. Goodbye for now!