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Belaz 75710


     BELAZ driver looks on traffic signs only out of curiosity.  :)                                                                           BELAZ-75710 delivers it's staggering 450mt payload capacity by using 8 massive tires each designed for about 100 tons of load. It is over 20 meters long, nearly 10 meters wide and eight meters high. The turning diameter of this dump truck is about 20 meters and it has a maximum speed of approximately 64kms per hour (about 40 mph). In 2014 the BELAZ-75710 became the largest dump truck in the world. When I was watching video about large drump trucks, I thought that BELAZ must have the lego set. I didn`t have so much lego bricks (it contains 1311 bricks), so I did it in LDD. Please vote my project. 

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