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Robotic Gopher


The robotic Gopher is a giant Gopher mech that can dig,drill,and cut through anything. It has huge digging claws to dig extremely deep. it also has a giant titanium drill to drill through cement and many other hard substances. It also has extremely sharp "teeth" to help it bite through pipes,roots and anything that gets in its way.

Since I used a lot of the same piece LEGO might not want to make this model unless they make a new piece for this set. They also could make a new minifigure if they wanted to but this picture would be the general idea of what the minifigure could look like. This could be a little too small to keep balance and the legs look kinda short,so maybe LEGO could change it if they wanted it to be a real LEGO set if this project gets 10,000 votes. Please vote for this project!

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