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Disco Ride


The new addition to the Theme Park series is The Princess Disco Ride!

The Princess Disco Ride is built within a gleaming white castle. Inside the castle there is a souvenir shop focusing on products connected to princesses, princes and knights. You may also find one or two dragons in there, and an occasional frog.

According to the manufacturer, Disco rides are:

1. Thrill rides: riders cannot control their parts when they are flying on the Disco rides.
2. Innovatively designed and colorfully painted, which bring riders more happiness.
3. Built with high quality from low maintenance plastic.
4. Popular among two and three stud visitors and widely seen in theme parks and fairgrounds.

I have added a picture of a somewhat larger replica ride designed in steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic.

* * *

I have always enjoyed the magic of theme parks and loved the different rides. Now I have combined this pleasure with my passion of LEGO construction in a project.

I have used microscale to reduce the number of bricks needed, and to have a greater challenge in the designing process. It is fun to build different rides with just a small amount of bricks.

All the sets are constructed on 16x16 base plates which you can snap together to create a large Theme Park. The base plates can easily be parted again and reshuffled to create a new park.

I have added a picture with Theme Park units put together, so you can see an example of a Theme Park. All parts have now been posted here so please feel free to support them all!

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