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Space Emperor God Sigma


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"Trinity Charge"

Space Emperor God Sigma (宇宙大帝ゴッドシグマUchū Taitei Goddo Shigumais a Mecha Anime television seriesaired from 1980 to 1981. The story is set in the year 2050 ADthe planet is suddenly set upon by a mysterious enemy: the forces of Eldarwho came from 250 years in the future. Toshiya (main Character) and his friends use God Sigma to protect the planet and the Trinity Energyand the battle evolves into a long war to retake Io.

The completed giant robot formed when the Kuuraioh (King of Sky)Kaimeioh (King of Sea)and Rikushin'oh (King of Land) combine with the Big-Wing. With the command "Sigma Formation"the three robots form a triangleand when they shout "Trinity Charge"the Big-Wing flies to them and combines.

About the set

The set comes with 4 elements and their own enginery, three robots can play individually and have different posture. The set were based on the original design of Space Emperor God Sigma which contains of:

1) Kuuraioh (Black robot),

2) Kaimeioh (Blue robot),

3) Rikushin'oh (Orange-yellow robot) and

4) Big-Wing (the ship).

When I was young, I tried to use Lego to build Space Emperor God Sigma, but I fail. Nowadays, Lego has so many shapes and colors which allow me to create whatever I want. In the set, in order to respect of the original design, I worked more than 10 times on different modeling, ratio and structure, and I tried my best to follow most of the detail on the robots combination. The set comes with 2500+ bricks and the robot has totally 500mmH+.

Lego is a system, a system with no boundary, every of us can create our own design in an unlimited way. Hopefully one day, you can build my set, and feel my fun, idea and enthiusiasm on play Lego.


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