Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs - Ramrod 3 V2014.01

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"Head 'em up!!! Move 'em out!!! Power stride and ready to ride!!! Ramrod 3 V2014.01!!!
The new modified Robot Cowboy with more Details, more Weapons and more Posability!

Ramrod 3 is about 22,8 inches tall.
This LEGO Masterpiece has a lot of Joints/Articulationpoints to pose him as you want.
A musthave for all Saber Rider Fans and for everyone that loves Robots!

You can watch the complete Slideshow on YouTube:

If you want to have a look to the Pictures, please visit my Gallery on DeviantArt:

Ramrod 3 V2014.01 Weapon Systems:

2 x Leg Rocketlauncher (One Rocketlaunchbattery each Leg)

4 x Chestcanons (2 Chestcanons each side)

2 x Shouldercanons (1 Shouldercanon each Shoulder)

This Robot is a true Robot Cowboy and wonderful to pose.

Ramrod 3 Riffle Weaponsystem Belle X65:

This Laserriffle is a modified Lasercanon that allows Ramrod 3 to fire a higher Energylevel than before. It has a new Laser Aiming System on the right side and can be attached and detached to Ramrods right leg.

A cool extra is that you can remove the Bodyplate to have a look into his Powercore.
That makes this model a more detailled than before.

I hope to get You and many Supporters, to reach the 10.000 Mark and to bring this cool Model to the LEGO Stores!
Please help me letting this dream come true!

Dejin Kai