Product Idea

Theater Modular

This set is a modular building depicting an old-architecture style theater (as in plays). It would be in the lego creator modular line, and is made to connect to other modular buildings. This set is minifigure scale, and would most likely cost 150 dollars, the common price for modular buildings.

The building itself is about two stories tall, and is a very fun interesting build. The walls have a striped color scheme, and there are large windows and decorations in the front and back of the building. Inside, there is a hallway with paintings, banners, and a flower pot directly through the opening front doors. To the left, there is a ticket booth, bathroom, and stairs up to the higher levels of seating in the building. To the right in the hallway, there is a door to the lower levels of seats. In the theater, there are four rows of detailed maroon colored seats that fit a minifigure. The stage has maroon curtains hanging on the edges, and slots to put backdrops in behind the curtains. The set only comes with one maroon curtain background, so there is space for you to make your own. Maybe a castle, or a farm on a hill? You decide! Five minifigures are included in this set. Two actors (a knight and a princess), two play viewers, and one theater worker/ ticket seller.