Product Idea

Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds

When I decided to make a Mary Poppins scene, it had to be the 'Feed the Birds' scene. It is arguably one of the most memorable parts of this amazing movie. 

The set would feature four original figures, Mary Poppins, with umbrella and bag, Jane, Michael and The bird lady with custom fitted legs. There are a total of twelve birds within this set which also features a lamp post, a money collecting hat and some fallen leaves. The steps are fives steps high.

I suggest that some differences such as custom outfits, are made for the real thing. Keep a look out for this, as I will make minor adaptations and changes as time goes by.

The set has approximately 150 pieces so would cost £15-20 

Please consider supporting this, and help me make this a reality. Every milestone I will release some more pictures of this set. 

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