Product Idea


Lego Dragster

This lego dragster is simple to build but would make a fun addition to any lego world. It is based on the 1960's - 1970's lego building style. Also this could in the future become part of a new lego racing set. This could include pits, different cars etc...

I have also thought of different ways to use other bricks, such as screwdrivers as part of the engine. Because this model is simple enough (only 64 bricks), it could be made with lego that builders already own. This set should also come with a customised minifigure.


This project would probably cost around £10 because of the small part count. This is one of my first projects. In the future I am thinking of making more projects that link to the racing theme. If my idea goes through people would be able to buy all the sets. I have also added a picture of what the set could come with. I may add to it later.

Please support my project and follow me for more brilliant creations. Thanks for reading, and happy building.


LDD File Download

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