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The attack on the Anti-Skull Force base

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See a skeleton in your house? Find Lord Skull in your sock drawer? Well, call the Anti-Skull Force! In this set you have Lord Skull in his wooden Skull-Mobile attacking the base! (The Anti-Skull base is the company name of the people attacking Lord Skull's Bone Cruiser in a mini blue boat) These are the names of the people in the set (from the two photos full of minifigures) from left to right:

1st Photo: Lord Skull,Skeleton Driver,General Barbis,Solider,Sir Crackup,Solider,Solider.

Photo 2: Sir John,Agent Karkup,Mad Blaster,Deck Officer,Car Driver,Helicopter Pilot,Solider,Solider,Lieutenant Jock,Solider.

This set can be combined with Lord Skull's Bone Cruiser!