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Gipsy Danger V3.0


Gipsy Danger - Locked and Loaded!

So after quite a bit of delay and ultimately bad timing, I bring to you the attachements for Gipsy Danger! The attachements include the following :-

1.) Boat Bat (Credits to Moko for the bow design). Can be gripped in both hands by the figure, or can dragged along in one hand in true Gipsy Danger Fashion.

2.) Chain Sword, when a Boat Bat is just isn't enough. Sword fits into slots made above the wrists of the figure, without getting into the way of the movement of the fist in question too much

3.) Plasma Caster, Did you know that Gipsy was a surgeon in her past time? Yea, neither did I. The plasma caster can easily be fitted into the brick connecting the fist to the rest of the arm. A plug-and-play system if you will.

4.) Dragonfire style flames. Meant to be equipped to the back of the figure simulating the effect that Gipsy is using her back boosters to fly (more jump really high). Clips into the back of the figure above the two vents.

5.) Flame style cone pieces. Pretty straight forward. Clips onto the back of either elbow, to give the effect of the fabled Rocket Punch from the first movie.

With these attachements, the mech now has a total of 1086 pieces! Amazing!

Unfortunately, I am unable to get all of the images to display correctly, and therefore I am only able to get one image to work properly. Apologies in advance!

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