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Gipsy Danger V3.0


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This is my third attempt at capturing the Mark 3 Jaeger from the first movie in Brick Form. Compared to previous attempts of mine to capture this figure in Brick form, I would like to think that this iteration of the build is light years ahead. The figure has a lot of posability, so much so that I must create a list of the posability!

  • The head is on a ball-joint, so it can move as and when it pleases for different roles from the movie, like looking up at the sky, or observing it's surroundings.
  • The Jaeger's shoulders are also on ball-joints attached to the chest of the Mech, and therefore can move around freely for a wide variety of posability. The upper bicep features a dual joint design, so it has a wider range of flexibility compared to single joint bicep designs. The upper bicep can also swivel thanks to the use of T-Pipe connectors. The lower arms of the mech are connected to the upper bicep, and therefore can swivel and move up and down as it wishes, the same can be said for the hands of the mech as well, as the finger articulation.
  • The upper torso is on a ball joint that can swivel 360 around the figure and can crunch forward and back.
  • The legs feature a friction connection between the upper thigh and the lower torso, so it can hold some weight in it's hands if you want to, say lift a Kaiju and throw it across the harbour (I'm looking at you Leatherback). The same can be said for the knee joint. The feet are fixed on an internal ball joint that allows the legs to swivel and pivot to adjust to different terrain and so forth.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of LDD, I am unable to show the flexibility of the Mech. My best guess is that I would have to build the figure in reality and show it off then, so please bear with me :D.

The figure also has a LOT more detail compared to my first attempts at the mech, ranging from coolant vents on the torso to a detailed spinal column on its back. The Jaeger also makes use of flat armour plating techniques, to try and give the figure some depth and sculpt at the same time (mostly evident on the torso regions). The mech also features attachment points for accessories like the Boat Sword for smashing Otachi over the head, rocket boosters on it's back, and Elbow Rockets! Plenty of customizability to recreate your favourite scenes from the movie, or just making a stop motion movie with the Mech.

The mech is made up of just under 1000 pieces (988 if we are being technical), but it's totally worth it for this level of detail.

The attachments will be presented in a later update, as I am still scaling them in proportion to the Mech itself.

If you like what you see and want to add this to your collection, please hit that Support Button and leave a comment behind if you are feeling generous enough to do so. Every little bit helps to get this figure on shelves near you!


Credits go out to Chubbybots for inspiration of the Head Design, and to Moko for the lower leg design!

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