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Smurf House


Introducing my Lego model of a Smurf House! This model can open up to reveal a detailed interior using the hinges on the outside. I chose to use hinges to open the model instead of a removable roof because that is how the plastic smurf toys work. Downstairs  you will find a fireplace and chimney, shelves to hold jars, and a kitchen table. Upstairs you will find a bed and extra space. [See other images] Please note that this is not a particular smurf's house from the cartoons or movies nor is it based on any house already designed. [This is my own smurf house design based on those which are already existing.] The design for a smurf house does not belong to me however. My project also contains one generic smurf minifigure.

Wondering what next to build out of Lego bricks, and what I could possibly submit to Lego Ideas, I pondered over an idea or two. Then someone gave me the idea to build a smurf house. [I take full responsibility for building the project, as I am the only designer.] And, after thinking it over, I went with the idea enthusiastically until I had an entire Lego smurf house model on my computer. [Lego Digital Designer] Here is the final model!

I believe this model offers great possibility as a set in the form of great playability and display. Fans of all ages, of Legos and smurfs, could enjoy building and playing with this model if you smurf it. [Support it] Please spread the word about this model and ask other people to support it. Thank you!





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