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Castle Archaeological Dig


John and Mary are archaeologists exploring the modern ruins of a medieval castle.  A local legend describes a mysterious contest between Greta the Good and Bolgar the Bad.  Suddenly the archaeologists are surprised when Greta shows up from the past in a swirling time portal.  But why is she here?  Only you can decide!  

The basic idea of this set is to have a classic era castle that can be played with in both medieval and modern times.  Two pieces of the outer wall can be removed.  Removing the walls make the medieval castle look like modern ruins found in a park with an archaeological dig site.  In the courtyard, up to three green plates can be removed and replaced to fit each time period.

The first picture contains the entire set.  The rest of the pictures are a variety of angles of the set and possible play poses.  Please give me your vote and thank you for your time!  

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