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This is the Domino's Pizza Shop! It is made up of 939 bricks and it looks like a replica of a real shop.

Inside the shop there are many things to see which are as follows:

-a dining hall which has enough seats to fit six mini figures and there is a toilet.

-Reception with cash counter and a soft drink container.

-Manager's cabin with a computer and some other things.

-And there is also a kitchen area. The kitchen and the manager's cabin are on the back side of the shop, so it will be hard for you to fit mini figures therefore you can also remove its walls to get enough space.

The word domino's built by bricks and very easy to fix. There is a logo of domino's on one side of shop.

This set includes five mini figures- a manager, 2 pizza boys, a cook and 2 costumers. The set also has a pizza delivery bike.


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