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Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)


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This is Elizabeth Tower.  Also known as "Big Ben", this building is a part of the Palace of Westminster and it is a symbol of London and UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) as well.

This is Elizabeth Tower. And by "Elizabeth Tower" I mean a LEGO copy of it.

There's a story behind it:

Year 2014, november. I really loved LEGO (and I still do), but I didn't have money for it (and I still don't). So, after a couple hours of searching I found a program called "LEGO Digital Designer". I immediately downloaded it, but it was very difficult for the first time. I tried to build different things, but it was very boring. After a couple of days I came up with an idea. The idea of awesomeness. Big Ben. It has all thing that I love: clock, mechanisms, lights, architecture and reliefs. So, I built it in about a week.

It would make a good LEGO set because this model looks good (selfish me strikes again) and everyone could have his own Big Ben! I know, it very difficult to build, but it looks very grandiosely.

If you want this model to become a LEGO set, feel free to support it!