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Octan Rally Car


The Octan Racing Team have made many racing cars: a 4x4 Off Roader, a Race Car and a Grand Prix car. But never a Rally Car. Which is why I have built this. It can help create an Octan Rally Car and combine Octan and Creator!

As with most real rally cars, it is based on a hatchback, in this case my Hot Hatchback Ideas project (which has now sadly expired). However, it looks very different due to wider wheel arches. It is 21 studs long, 12 studs wide and is made of 324 bricks. It has many features:

  • Front and rear spoilers
  • An opening bonnet
  • Opening doors
  • And opening boot
  • Four exhausts
  • A V4 engine under the bonnet

The detail continues inside, where you will find:

  • A roll cage
  • A spare wheel
  • Two seats
  • Two sets of dials

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