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A Mark in Aviation History: The Wright Flyer


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In 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright constructed the Wright Flyer. They based it off of previous test models they had made. The Wright Flyer was a biplane with a wingspan of forty feet, four inches. The entire plane weighed 700 pounds. The right wing was four inches longer than the left wing to balance the weight of the engine, which powered the two eight and a half foot propellers. Returning to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, which was where that had made previous tests, The Wright Brothers assembled their flyer. On December 14, Wilbur tested the plane. Unfortunately, Wilbur pulled up too fast at the beginning of the flight and the plane stalled, hitting the ground but sustaining minor damaging. Repairs took three days and on December 17, Orville took the controls of the airplane for another test. The test lasted twelve seconds, flying for 120 feet before landing. They had built a flying machine!

I wanted to submit this as an idea because I like the Wright Brothers and their work. I built their plane because I think it would be a great set. Please support this project to help it reach ten thousand supporters!

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