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American Trucks and Trailers (Minifigure Scale) - Western Star 5700 XE

The Western Star 5700 Xe is a modern truck. It was used in famous films due to it's special appearance. I used the Stratosphere High Roof 82" sleeper configuration. The Lego model has openable doors, trailer connector, adjustable rearview mirrors, stairs and fuel tanks in the sides and simple exhausts on the back of the cabin.
I always wanted to see this in the size of a minifigure, that is why I made it from Lego.
To my mind this truck would become valuable Lego set, it would be easy to sell to truck model collectors, truck lovers and children too and because of the sizes, it fits in the Lego City collection.

The back of the truck got some new part to make it look better.
The driver (minifigure) and his equipment, a radio, a hammer and a screwdriver.
Photos with new background.

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