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Spaceship Fighter


This is my Lego Spaceship Fighter project, my first Lego Ideas project!

It is a mid-scale spaceship inspired by Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!, but this spaceship is cheaper and on smaller scale. It is also styled slightly differently than the original as it isn't supposed to be an exact replica.

Features-wise it has a minifig-sized cockpit (obviously), another cockpit for Babykitty, a cargo compartment (between the two cockpits) and two of the small spring-powered shooters hidden under the panels on the wings, like on Benny's spaceship. The minifigures are Modern Space Guy (as opposed to 1980-something Space Guy) and BabyKitty, because even if it's only inspired by a Lego Movie set, it needs to have a UniKitty (or in this case a BabyKitty).

The set is aimed towards everyone and anyone who wants an awesome Spaceship, for play or for display, and if you like to build custom stuff it has a couple of pieces in new colours as well as a chrome gold 1x1 round plate!

I am very proud of this and hope you will support my project. To 10,000!

-2 spring-powered shooters

-Cargo space

-Cockpit for BabyKitty

-And most importantly, a chrome gold 1x1 plate!

-Modern Space guy


Length: 35cm (44 studs)
Width: 29cm (36 studs)
Height: 6cm (6 1/3 bricks)

Piece count: 291

Ages: ~6 – ~99

Est. price: $50*^ ($35* in the US)

*This is in no way supposed to be the exact price, this is just my estimate at a price in comparison to current sets. These prices are not endorsed by the Lego® group in any way.

^Price in Australian Dollars

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