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The Time Lapse: Chaos on the Beach


   The Time Lapse is a story of when a scientist from around 3010 A.D. named Dr. 0187 makes a teleportable time machine that he uses to transport people from various places and times to other places and times, causing major confusion and chaos. Dr. 0187 also has an enormous airship called the Spearhead that splits in half to let its smaller battleships out of its central bay, and also shoots super lasers out of its front. The Spearhead is basically a floating fortress with large buildings on the back and with high-tech sheild generators to protect the buildings.  There is only one department that can restore peace in this chaotic situation(s): the police!

   The Time Lapse: Chaos on the Beach consists of four minifigures, including Dr. 0187, a present day police officer with a taser named Officer Smith, the Greek Renaissance pirate Barbarossa with a pistol and sword, and a ninja with a bo staff, who was part of Tokugawa Japan's secret police. This set also comes with a micro-scale version of the Spearhead, which can split and let its battleships out. The set also comes with Dr. 0187's time machine on a beach complete with differently textured sand, a burning forest, a background on the other side of the time machine, a splash, a spot where an explosion was, footprints and of course, water! 

   I propose that The Time Lapse become a new series of sets portraying the adventures of different and unique police officers trying to stop Dr. 0187!