Minecraft Lego Desert Microworld

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This set would be a new fun biome addition to your Minecraft Microworld it would be for all the Minecraft lovers who got the first one and want a new area added for more fun or maybe for all the people who didn't get their hands on the first one and are just crossing their fingers for a second. Well if you are one of those people you can support this and it just might happen.

It would have features such as:

. Being very compatible with the original set
It would come with extra connection pieces so that you can join them both together
Also just like the first one how it has sand around the edges this one has some grass around the edges so they will fit PERFECT!

. You can personalize it
If your not happy with the model of you want a change you can take the tops off and turn them around or pull the squares apart and change them around and they will still look normal or you could even remake the whole thing

. It comes with new micro figures
Diamond Steve, A Villager and a bat

. New houses
on the top there is a mini village with a house and a well both based on real Village houses from the game and put in to lego microworld style

.Cool cave things
such as Webs, Bats, Abandoned mine shaft, Lava, Diamond etc....

. Desert themed
it has 3 cactus and sandy mountains

. Same sized
I know it looks small on the picture but it is the same size

Achievement Rewards:

50 supporters DONE!: I will make the design for the cave bat scroll down to see!

100 supporters DONE!: I will make what the Villager looks like in lego

500 supporters: I will make diamond armored Steve in real Lego and take pictures to put on here!

1000 supporters: I will buy all pieces for one square of the set on pick a brick and make it and take pictures of it joining to the first set.

10,000: Review stage!

Here are some MicroMobs that would be good in this set the first is the Villager with the long nose like villagers have and the mono brow, Steve with diamond armor and the helmet with a head print that makes it look like hes wearing a diamond helmet and the Bat which is brown and uses a clip piece for wings.

I kept the design simple to fit with the other Micromobs from the first Lego minecraft set which is why I didn't make the villages arms or the bats ears and I used the same Steve design in the original but with a change of colors.

This picture shows some of the underground area you can see that I have made a model of a abandoned mine shaft with a chest at the end of the tunnel and some beams like you can see in the picture of what it looks like in the game.

Here is a picture of the underground area with the top desert pieces taken off.
The top left is a piece of diamond surrounded by flowing lava so it would be hard for Steve to get to it.
The top right area currently has nothing in it but I was thinking of putting a cave bat in
The bottom left has a slope and it will have a cobweb but I haven't found the right piece for a cobweb yet.
The bottom right is the abandoned mine shaft from above and it also has a piece of gold next to it but at the moment it looks like sand because there is no gold piece like that on Lego Digital Designer.

This is the Villager and I noticed something while making this and it's that you could also make it in to the Witch if you put a piece on top for the hat and make the body green! :D

The next Achievement reward is a Diamond armored Steve at 500 supporters so be sure to support and share for more awesome Minecraft models and to help this reach 10,000 supports! :D