Product Idea

Sushi Lunch

This is my Sushi Lunch project idea. It contains around 300 pieces, and some cool elements. There is five sushi items, chopsticks, knife, soy sauce, plants, and a large plate with decorations on it. 

There are two different types of sushi contained in this moc. One being a sushi roll with three pieces, and the other two sushi with no wrap. The sushi is made to be in scale with the chopsticks so they appear to be more realistic. The soy sauce is in a black bowl with smooth tile plates all around. I also added some wasabi to go on the side.

The knife is a simple build using some metal colored bricks, and a dark black handle. The two identical chopsticks have three red stripes that stand out, but have no particular purpose. 

Thanks for checking out this build! If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below, and please support! Thanks!