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Baby Daycare


This Baby Daycare that I created is based on a real daycare you would take your kids or babies to. It is packed with three different rooms; a main room, cafeteria or lunch area, and a slide and diaper changing area.

The main room has a check-in desk, table for adults, ballpit, four sleepingbags for naps, a snack area, and a table for crafts. The cafeteria has an area were you can pick your own food like milk, pie, ice cream and pizza, then you sit in the table for seven. After that, last but not least, we go to the slide area were there is lost and found boxes, a diaper changing area and a slide. This lego structure has an approximate 902 bricks. All the windows that i put in will make your baby feel safe and loved by our four daycare employees which have to take care of eight babies.

This set is definitely for you if you like babies and have fun around them, and it also will fill your heart with cuteness as you play with these lego minifigures and there super fun daycare.

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