Product Idea

EXPO Russian Federation Pavilion

The set presents the reproduction of the EXPO Russian Federation Pavilion

Theme "Growing for the World. Cultivating for the Future"
The Concept
Embracing the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”, the concept of the Russian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 reflects the great contribution to global food security that Russia has made and will continue to make through its scientific and agricultural heritage - and the enormous potential of the world’s largest country to produce food for the world. With global food production needing to increase by 60 percent to feed a world population that is expected to exceed nine billion by 2050, the G20 group of nations – and Russia in particular - have identified food security as a priority issue, and one for which Russia is well placed to address.
The Russian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 tells the stories of several internationally recognized Russian scientists, whose work has contributed to the development of agriculture and food security. It also demonstrates the wealth of Russia’s natural resources and its rich and diverse culinary traditions. The pavilion highlights the role that Russia is playing, and can continue to play, in the vital aspects of food security and food supply, and how it is providing food for its own population and for the world.
Once inside the pavilion, a thematic journey begins, combining real, tangible artifacts and unique display objects with state-of-the-art audio-visual story-telling technologies that immerse visitors in the key messages of the pavilion. The pavilion allows visitors to learn about the vastness of Russia, and its great variety of natural environments, climatic zones, regional produce and ethnic cuisines. The design enables guests to experience and explore the theme of food security in an accessible, informative and entertaining way, while imparting ‘the human touch’, allowing visitors to experience authentic Russian warmth and hospitality. In the Russian Pavilion the visitors can enjoy daily the free tastings of traditional drinks at the water bar and of traditional food at the show kitchen.
The design of the Pavilion

Russia’s Pavilion proposes a supremely multi-functional building of contemporary design and an example of striking and memorable craftsmanship. Its elegant wooden façade, the semi-transparent ground floor interior and its green rooftop, together create a harmonious suite of spaces that are easily accessible to visitors.

Built on an area that extends over 4,000 square meters, the Pavilion is a dynamic and expansive structure with an ambitious form that surges skywards, combining unique engineering solutions and green technologies. Its simple, yet memorable façade is made from sustainableecologically-sound materials that offer protection from the elements. Itsvoluminous hill becomes an element of the natural landscape, surrounded by organic wooden hoops that form the elegant ‘nose’ of a sailing boat – a metaphor of Noah’s Ark.

Inside, the Pavilion is divided into a series of open spaces and viewing platforms in the tradition of classical Italian gardens. In the upper part of the building are hanging gardens reminiscent of Babylon, whilst the highest point of the Pavilion structure is the sloping serpentine of the vegetation-clad rooftop, symbolizing the boundless fields of Russia.This unique architectural and decorative element gently rises upwards, offering a 30 meter-long canopy that merges the building harmoniously into the natural surroundings, a space for special events and a superb vista across the Exhibition Site.
The set consists of about 564 pieces 
Size 51 X 26 H 13 cm

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