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Geeky Flower Pots - The Lord of the Rings

This project addresses the problem: why people like myself aren't into plants.

My wife is an avid gardener, so when we sat down and talked about doing something together, this project was born. She get her plants, I get my recreation of classic movie scenes. We both enjoyed the process of building the project immensely.

Pictured is the first flower pot in the series of our collaboration. It is based on a classic scene from Lord of the Rings.

I used a bonsai plant for the scene, because the thick stem and the exposed roots, but the beauty of this project is that anyone can go and find the plant that works best for the scene.

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Scene from Endor of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Other classic movie scenes in consideration:
- the Simpsons, scene: Bart's treehouse
- the Simpsons, scene: Bart streaking on a skateboard
- Lord of the Rings, scene: Bag End
- Life of Pi, scene: boat landed on island
- jack and the beanstalk
(feel free to send in suggestions!)

Frodo and Sam are terrified and hiding behind the roots.

The black rider's vantage point.

A closer look on the soil containment

holes at the bottom to allow water to flow through

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