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Pac Man Arcade Machine


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On May 22,1980, Pac-Man released on arcade games. It was a big hit! If you look enough, you can still find the original arcade game on the arcade platform. There were 4 ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. There was also, obviously, Pac Man!

In this model, I have created the arcade machine. It has a slanted top, the Pac-Man screen, the Pac-Man logo, 2 controllers, and the “restart” button. Inky is the Blue one, Blinky is the red one, Pinky is the pink one, and Clyde is the gold one. If this makes it to Lego review, the I suggest to Lego to make the yellow at the top a Pac-Man design plate or sticker. There are exactly 930 bricks in this model.

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