Product Idea

Colide Sprint - concept supercar

Colide is a fictional car company and Sprint is a model you now see. I named it "Colide" (of course I know it's with 2 L's) because it sounded cool to me. To me it is a more dramatic expression of putting parts together. Sprint as the name of the model emphasises speed. I made this model with future in mind, not only with it's shape but also with it's features - like fuel for example. Everything opens and it even has some modular functions. Each picture is marked with a number so I can easily point out some features.

1 & 2 - basic looks from the front and the back. Bars on the back and the front are actually lights that actually glow in the dark (15)

3 - Luggage compartment

4 - Luggage compartment is actually removable. 2 notches have to be turned upwards and it's out. That module can be removed so the car would be efficient at high speeds.

5 & 6 - Car without the luggage compartment module.

7 - Passenger door mechanism. The most challenging part to build because of the shape of the doors. It slides on series of technic connectors.

8. Driver and passenger space. Inside of the car also has some glow in the dark parts.

9. Engine compartment. Main doors are those transparent ones but in order to reach every bit of the engine 2 additional ones have been created. Therefore, engine can be easily accessed and removed if necessary.

10. Extra opening mechanism, back part without the engine and the engine alone.

11. The front of the car holds 2 power cells that can be replaced by charged fuel cells. As the cell compartment opens fuel cell lightens up

12. Another view of the cells

13. To add to playability, fuel cell charger is included and when opened, cell lightens up as well. On both the car and the charger when hinged parts are opened cell jumps up and light is out.

14. - Complete view of the functions.

15. - Lights (glow in the dark parts). Initially they all glow in green but if this ever makes it as a set I would like it to have red and blue glow in the dark parts like I photoshopped it here. Back side is presented with and without the luggage compartment.