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All-Terrain Battle Tank

Hello Everyone,

Here is an original model of an all-terrain assault vehicle, fully equipped with weapons and a small cargo bay.

My main sources of inspiration were the Tumbler from Batman and the AT-TE from Star Wars; thus, from these sources of inspiration, I did my best to fuse these concepts and add my own twist to the overall conception of an awesome vehicle.

As you can see, the windshield is not actually attached to the cockpit, which is a dilemma I solved by securing it with bricks. If you have any advice on how to change this or improve it, please let me know.

As for the weapons, there are several primary weapons and a few secondary weapons located throughout the tank. Obviously, the single largest primary weapon of this tank is the massive, swiveling turret located atop the vehicle. Its prominence makes for an abundance of play value. The other primary weapons are the duel laser turrets on the front of the vehicle. The secondary weapons are the particle cannons at the immediate top of the cockpit, as well as the integrated laser cannons towards the back of the tank. The inner exhaust pipes can double as rocket launchers if it suits you.

All this being said, the inclusion of the weapons allows for major playability, which is great for kids and AFOLs alike. Lastly, the overall bulkiness and sturdiness of the model allow for great usability, while the creativity and visual appeal make this model (in my opinion) a great display piece and a valuable addition to anyone's collection.


Back. Notice the slanted laser cannons above the tires.

Note: This picture has been widened to fit the aspect ratio of this particular CUUSOO display

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