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The Endangered Seahorse, An Aquarium Favorite


The Endangered Seahorse, An Aquarium Favorite

With their horse-like head, prehensile tail and the male carrying the fry in its pouch giving live-birth seahorses have captured imaginations throughout the world.  The slow moving seahorse uses camouflage and stealth to eat small shrimp, rotifers and plankton.  The number of species found in the wild keeps increasing.  Currently the count is 47 with 8 found in the last 10 years.

Seahorses have long been a favorite of Aquarium hobbyists.  Having a dedicated Seahorse tank is the goal of many hobbyists as they honed their reef keeping skills to handle the high water quality requirements of seahorses.  Importing of wild-caught seahorses were banned by the CITES treaty in May 2004 due to low population levels in the wild.  Seahorse tanks continue with captive bred.

The prized colors of Aquarium Hobbyists to have are yellow, orange and red.  The pairs seen here are slightly larger than normal.  Hippocampus Reidi  (Brazilian -- Red and Orange) and Hippocampus Erectus (Atlantic -- Yellow) are the species shown above.

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