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Shady Hideout


Welcome to the Shady Hideout, where the criminal kingpin presides over his empire.

The building has a simple exterior to conceal the evil goings-on inside. It splits into three parts for maximum playability, with each section having a different function.

The ground floor contains a large control panel for minifigures to monitor operations as they unfold. To the left of it there are some drawers to keep important files organised. To enter the building you have to pass though an impressive entrance, with the door sliding  out of view.

On the first floor is the big boss' office. Money is piled up along the desk as well as sacks of treasure and wine glasses for meetings. A big pie is also ready to hand to ward off unwanted visitors with a splat!

Finally the top floor is a tall spire. It hides a safe which is perfect for storing ill-gotten loot.


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