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Ikarus 260 Bus Model 1:18


The origin

This type is the well-known Ikarus 260 from the 200 series. Produced during the late 1980's and early 1990's it was one of the most popular bus types at the time. On my model, both the colours of the interior and the classic blue and gray pattern on the outside represent the 260s running in Budapest. As these buses began to disappear from most of the cities in the last decade, this model is perfect for bus fanatics or collectors.


About the model:

The size:

width: 14,4 cm (18 studs)

height: 18 cm

length: 61,6 cm (77 studs)

The model consists of exactly 2992 parts, but has a very detailed interior as well. All the handrails, the lights on the ceiling and even the old red ticket punchers can be found inside, and of course, the driver's cabin with the dashboard. However, it doesn't have any electrical or technic parts. I focused on small details and verisimilitude more than onto mechanics.

The model is not hard to assemble, however, a set containing almost 3000 pieces takes quite a lot of time to complete.

I'm glad if you liked or supported my project.

Thank you for viewing this model!



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