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Overlord Dragon

This dragon is inspired largely by the great overlord Dragon depicted in the final episode of Ninjago. However it is an original creation and does not include any mini-figures that might infringe on the rules established by Lego. There are a little more than 550 pieces in the design and it features several play features. The mouth is able to shoot a sphere ball, and the tail can swing from side to side. Though not shown in the photos the ball is dark purple in color.

In addition to the tail and ball shooter the wings extend and retract by moving the head up and down. The legs are fully possible and the feat are large enough to create a nice stable platform. In keeping with the darkness theme dark purple and black are the principle colors used in this design.

For the purpose of this prototype, a white epic dragon head was airbrushed black and purple to match the rest of the design. If this design goes to market it would greatly increase the availability of the rare purple spikes which are only found in one lego set at one spike per set.

Once again, this dragon could be used as a compliment to any number of themes and is not exclusively a Ninjago dragon, though fans of the show will certainly see the similarities.

Thanks for supporting this project!

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