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FB12 Foxbat Fighter Mark II Special



FB12 Foxbat Fighter Mark II Special 

Originally conceived as an Interceptor from the Mark I series and with this Mark II Special were developed to fulfill multiple tasks. 

A single mini figure pilot can sit within the pressurise cockpit ejection seat system.

The FB12 has two well hidden PZC85MM cannon guns that can be open and closed within the wing design.

​The engine sector can be open, a tricycle landing gear as well there's additional three long range missiles that  hidden within the bottom of the aircraft. Additional there's a pairs of missiles that support below the wing.  

Another special feature here is the flap that can stimulate the moment of landing or flight in the air like a real aircraft will do. 

A single engine power by ion energy that provide this FB12 a longer range for a mission. 

It might be small but it makes up with a powerful armaments. It's not aircraft fighter to be mess with. 

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