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The Witch House of Frau Frankenhoffner


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A great friend of mine always tells me that artists and engineers are not as distant as it seems, because they both use their imagination to create things, events, stories…
And I as an engineer want to be a Lego artist!
In my creation, I searched the physics of engineering, the beauty of art, and also something else, which I found in the magic of history.

Since centuries, chemistry and alchemy, using the power of plants, minerals and animals, have been used to create potions of healing, poisoning, flying, growing, hiding ...
Wizards and witches were the creators of these potions, and symbols of this alchemy.
The House of Frau Frankenhoffner (imaginary character) was not only an idea itself, but the conclusion of many wills and thoughts, it is the junction of alchemy and engineering, it is the witch's house in the forest.
She is not the fairy-tale witch, she has no treats or transformations from frog to prince, she has the life of the witch as she was, in daily live, cooking, sleeping, studding, making clothes and feeding animals.
This is my art.
My engineering in the house, was creating and using the principles of a half-timbered house in its integrity, with each lane in its physical function of supporting and balancing the house.
The house, following European architecture in the middle age, has a beaten floor covered with cold stones, the walls also in stone to support the roof structure, roof, which rests smoothly upon the truss.
The truss creates, with wood, a structure whose function is not only to support the roof, with its worn and battered tiles from the past winters, but also to create amplitude in the internal room.
The front and back walls, create the vertical structure of our truss, and are filled whit wooden mesh plastered with clay in the gaps.
A column in the center of the house, together with the truss, supports the large stone chimney (which also served to heat the house in winter).
Classic for the time are also the windows with thick, round and colored glass, forming almost a stained glass, and illuminating the interior of the house with vivid colors.
The roof guide columns in this creation can be moved for you to live inside The House of Frau Frankenhoffner, with its many details.
A table with books of her alchemy, the herbs hanging from the ceiling, the moss-green velvet curtains hiding the day, the chandeliers, the hay bed, the loom distaff.
In the center of the house is the fireplace, for warming, cooking, and it is of course the stage for healing potions creation.
Next to it, the wood decorated cabinet, with minerals, antidotes, and masterpieces of alchemy.
And there are also all friends of her, the rat, the snake, the owl, the scorpion, the cat, spiders, frogs and bats, all making up the moment.
Outside, vegetation grows every day after the last snow.

This house travels through a real, mystical, artistic, alive past, with many stories to tell, and stories to live.
Be part of this story!

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