Product Idea

Port of Carthage

This is a model of the ancient port of Carthage. Carthage was a large city in ancient antiquity. It was the capital of the largest empire in the western mediterranian until Rome defeated it in the Punic wars. What made Carthage so powerful was the city's great wealth and vast trading network. It laid on the fertile North African shore and attracted many people from other countries who were looking to build up a better life in economic prosperity. One of the reasons Carthage was a main trading hub was because of its large and modern port. Here, tradeships could board and load and unload goods to be shipped to other lands or be traded in the city itself. The front part of the port was for tradeships, the circular part in the back was for the navy. This model has 2.926 pieces and is a representation of what historians believe the port might have looked like.