Marvel Ghost Rider

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After making a foolish deal with a mysterious stranger, motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze is cursed to become the Ghost Rider, "a spirit of vengeance, fighting fire with fire."

Now that Deadpool has officially entered the LEGO universe, it's safer to start lobbying for other edgier characters to be immortalized in bricks, as well, so I decided to submit one of my personal favorites for consideration. I originally went for a somewhat minimalist approach, to suggest the character's capibilities while keeping plenty of versitility in the event that this makes it to the review stage. But I've decided to take some initiative and make something resembling an actual set, as well.

Above are character designs for Johnny Blaze, (left) and the Caretaker (right), along with their motorcycles.

Below is a small prototype set, "Centurious' Ritual". Can Ghost Rider prevent the villainous mastermind from summoning the demon Blackheart from the underworld?
The set's features a portal with a light brick and opening door, as well as the ever-present flick-fire missles.

Below are the minifigures for the set: Centurious, Ghost Rider (with flick-launching fire blasts), and Blackheart.

And finally, the essential constraction figure. He really should have a motorcycle, but fiddling around with those Technic beams in LDD is next to impossible. I'll see what I can do, but no promises.

"I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds..."

"I'm a Ghost Rider."