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The Fallen Saint

What is this set about? Zane 'King Of Seas' Norrix is the captain of many ships this ship is named The Fallen Saint. The crew members aboard were Zane Norris, Pierce Dewl, Ryland Graham, Blade Soren, Smith Drake, Drakkar Arch, Vexson Ruins and the twins Crystal and Cassie Norrix. Those were just the pirates now for the names of the imperial soldiers we have Jackson Roth and Wayther Jones. Norrix is of the most threating pirates ever which is why his sea name is King Of Seas, his ships and crew are the best of the best. And with his daughters at his side, he will never fall, Crystal the brains and beauty with Cassie being good with potions and magical items.   

Why did I build this? I built this for many reasons. One main reason is to give the fans an armada of nicely crafted and well-armored pirate ships. The second reason why I built this is that I like to build and it would be awesome if this made it as a set. The last reason, it’s just fun to build and use my imagination.

Why I think this should become a set. Lego has made eleven pirate ships, so Lego said let's stop there but not me I will keep creating pirate-themed builds. So I made this for collectors of ships and for kids and adults who are fans of lego pirates. This set is made with three thousand two hundred and one-pieces, and many different techniques and pieces.   

This Set Contains. 

1. eleven Minifigures

2. two dogs 

3. two sharks

4. twenty-six cannons

5. ten sails

6. one main flag

7. four small flags

8. one ship

9. one dinghy 

10. two oars

11. eight swords

12. four bottles

13. thirty guns

14. fourteen dragons (yes I now the coincidence)

15. one parrot

16. two books

17. eight drawers 

18. barrels

19. creates 

20. one figure-head

and last but not least is the Captain's Quarters. I hope that this makes it to the Lego review. Please support and share with friends, family, and followers


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