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Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Diaz House


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Ludo and his goons are at it again...

This is The Diaz house from the hit Disney XD cartoon Star vs the forces of evil. One of my favorite cartoons of the past decade. I really wanted to try to build the Diaz House with its odd structure and castle tower jutting out of the side as well as it being one of the most iconic settings in the show (next to Butterfly Castle or Brita's tacos of course).

according to LDD, it has over 1500 pieces with 6 Minifigures Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Jackie Lynn Thomas, Tom Lucitor, Janna Ordonia, and Ludo Avarius and 4 buildable figures Pony Head, Glossaryk, Bird, and Spider.

If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to comment. And if you liked Star vs the forces of evil as much as I did don't forget to vote.

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