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Waterjet AT-4536


I present you, the Waterjet AT-4536, the best vehicle to explore the secrets of the wide oceans all over the world.

  • With it's two powerful 7,6mm miniguns at the front, it can crack open the strongest minerals to gather precious ores. 
  • And if some mad underwater snakes want to attack you, don't be worried, I have something special for this situation: 4 "Class C" torpedos. These are the newest torpedos available, with an incredible speed of 80mph! The snakes will not see them coming.
  • If you like it more old fashion, you can use the two spears, also mounted at the front. Of course they are made out of stainless steel
  • But if something bigger awaits you, and you have no torpedos left, you just get out of there instantly with your V8 powered engine. It can speed up from zero to 100mph in just eight seconds. It also has a big fuel tank, and two extra reserve tanks, so you will never have to worry about your fuel consumption. 
  • Mistakes happen, I know that. Diving with such a speed can cause some problems with your electronics. But the Waterjet wouldn't be the most advanced vehicle, if that could stop him. For this cases, the vehicle has a pair of repair tools to make sure, nothing will break apart. One tip: turn off the engine while fixing! 
  • At last, I show you the benefits of having a map aboard. With this useful drawing, you have all the interesting spots marked, so you will always have the overview of your next destinations. 
  • And after all that features, that come along with it, it also looks really cool. 

All in all, I told you anything you need to know about the Waterjet AT-4536. You're now ready for your first adventure. What will be your first destination? The whole underwater world is now in your hands.


Grüß euch! I'm Dominik from Austria, and I'm really happy to finally show you my project. It doesn't look like much, but the fun I had, while building, was bigger.

In this set you get:

  • Vehicle "Waterjet AT-4536". 
  • Two Lego figures, like on the picture. 
  • And the pillar, where you can put your vehicle on.

I wish you all good luck and happy building! 

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