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The Little Samurai


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In a world made of little plastic bricks, a solitary warrior gathers his two closest friends and strikes out on an adventure into the unknown. Armed only with a sword, a suit of armor and enough food to last a few days, the bewildered trio must construct a new life for themselves within their ever-expanding brick-built universe.

The little samurai consists of 19 poseable segments, 18 joints and hinged connections, and stands 5” tall.

His wolf friend features 17 poseable segments, 16 joints and hinged connections, measures 6” long from nose to tail and stands 4 ½” tall.

The tanuki is comprised of 7 poseable segments, 6 joints and hinged connections, measures 4 ¼“ from nose to tail and stands 1 ¾“ tall.

Total parts count: 291 pieces.

The two larger figures in this set feature more mobility and poseability than any official small-scale action figure released by Lego to date.

Please click the support button if you would like the little samurai and his animal companions to go adventuring into the mysterious lands of the Lego review. Also, please consider sharing this project with your friends and family, and maybe your senseis and sifus as well. Thank you for your support. -- BrickDaniels

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