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Future Street Corner and Car


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This set is complete with a corner side walk, trash and recycling bins, a newspaper stand, a street light, sidewalk drains, street signs, a flying car, and 2 citizens. 

The futuristic design includes the light-projection street numbers and newspapers, future looking trash-cans, and the flying car. The streets have numbers for the purpose of getting places by use of a fully automated global positioning and delivery system standard in all vehicles.

The car features 4 adjustable spinning rotor blades, a comfortable cockpit with a control panel, a transparent opening dome windshield, clear transparent headlights, red transparent tail-lights, red and green transparent indicator lights, and rear-view mirrors. 

The set includes 2 Minifigures, the vehicle operator and a child. The vehicle operator has a future looking outfit with a clear transparent comb, a black bandana, and glasses. The child has an orange jacket, prescription glasses, and a red popsicle.

The vehicle can be transformed into a submarine-vehicle for underwater research and investigation simply by adding spotlights and manipulators.

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